Home On The Range




Jamie began shooting at a young age.  He was in the woods hunting as soon as his parents would turned him loose. He took his first deer with a bow at the age of ten and has been an avid outdoorsman ever since.

 Jamie is the owner of Rock’n X Gear which manufactures some of the highest quality Custom Kydex Holsters and Sheathes available.


He is very passionate about becoming a better shooter and learning the defensive uses of handguns, shotguns, and rifles. Jamie attends classes taught by Dave and shoots with him regularly. He also is active in IDPA competition and has been a significant part in helping to bring IDPA to Fowlers Home on the Range.


Charles Hughes is the owner of Hughes Social Media Marketing.  He builds and manages website for clients, and develops and runs social media campaigns.  He works with companies to ensure that they are addressing their digital marketing needs, for both the traditional and mobile users.

Charles is a shooting enthusiast, who has taken several classes from Dave Fowler. He has countless hours of training and shooting time with Dave.  He started competing in IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association), and realized that this was a missing piece in the West Michigan shooting community.  With the closest club over 85 miles away, he began working with Dave Fowler to bring IDPA matches to Fowler’s Home on the Range.  Charles has been instrumental in this process, and is also one of the club contact for IDPA.