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Dave Fowler

  • Dave is an NRA certified training counselor. He is certified to teach all NRA courses, as well as train other instructors.

  • Dave is a retired police officer with over 38 years of experience and over 1,000,000 miles in a patrol car.

  • He served eight years as the Undersheriff in Osceola Co.

  • He was a road deputy but has served on the marine, motorcycle, and snowmobile divisions.

  • He has also served as an undercover detective on a narcotics team.

  • He served on the CSI team.

  • He served on SWAT (door breaching and as a sniper). 

  • He has over 1000 felony arrests, with a 99% conviction rate.

  • He is a Weapons Retention Specialist and instructor.

  • He holds the highest classification of Distinguished Expert for pistol, shotgun, rifle, machine gun, and sub machine gun.

  • He assisted NASA with Columbia space shuttle disaster, and helped lead search and rescue after Hurricane Katrina.

  • He wrote the Victim Services Manual for the state of Michigan.

  • He holds over 18 federal certifications. He is also a certified Fire Fighter and certified Medical First Responder.

  • He is a black belt in both Tae Kwon Do and Jin Do Kwon.